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An Example of How Mediation Works

First, no mediation is identical to another: participants vary
in their interests and/or level of sophistication, and counsel may or may not
be present—the variables are endless. With the foregoing caveat in mind, I
offer the following example of a voluntary mediation in which I served as the
mediator. No names are used and […]

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Mediation Styles

Before you decide on a mediator you should make sure to ask him or her to describe his or her mediation style. There are three types of mediation styles: evaluative, facilitative, and transformational. You should consider which of them would best further your goals. Some mediators choose a style and […]

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Why Mediate?

Wilenchik & Bartness is expanding its mediation practice
with shareholder Becky Bartness leading the charge.

So why choose mediation? What exactly is it?

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution
(“ADR”) that has grown in use and popularity over the last decade. It is a
voluntary process in which an impartial third party, the […]

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