Wilenchik & Bartness wins 6-day jury trial defending the Sheriff and appeal

Dennis I. Wilenchik and Lawrence J. Felder won a complete defense verdict for Sheriff Joe Arpaio in a lawsuit against him by a former inmate, Christina Jimenez. Ms. Jimenez claimed that the Sheriff was responsible for her being attacked while waiting for her husband after her release from jail. Wilenchik & Bartness produced evidence at trial that the drug “Librium” was found in her system immediately after the assault. Ms. Jimenez tested negative for the drug before being released, but had telephoned her husband to bring the drug with him when he came to pick her up. Wilenchik & Bartness argued that Ms. Jimenez’s husband brought the drug to her and was responsible for the assault. The jury found the Sheriff not responsible, and Ms. Jimenez appealed the verdict. Wilenchik & Bartness again won on appeal.

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